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  • How do I contact a Seller? 

    Visit the listing and click the CONTACT SELLER button.

  • I have registered as a buyer and now want to sell my items?

    If you have already registered as a buyer all you need to do is go into your account and click on the upgrade button. This will then change your account to a seller account once the PayPal fee has been paid. You can then start adding your items for sale.

  • Why should I sell with you?

    Rekindled is a dedicated online forum that caters to Buyers and Sellers that are specifically looking for pre-loved wedding items. You can post for free elsewhere but your beautiful (and expensive) bridal gowns will be listed amongst pressure washers, free skids, and houses for rent.

  • Can I sell new items?

    Yes, if you purchased them for your wedding and did not end up wearing/using them.  Otherwise, you are a Vendor and will need to register as such.

  • Do I have to pay commission or ongoing fees? 

    You will be happy to know that we do not charge any ongoing fees, there are no hidden costs and zero commissions.

  • How much do I sell my items for? 

    You can browse our site for similar items that have listed and sold and/or other local websites. Keep in mind that a Buyer is not going to pay the same price that you paid for your item; they are Buying pre-loved because they are trying to respect their own budget.  Gently used items usually sell for a fraction of the original retail price.

  • My wedding has been cancelled, can I list everything as a lot?

    Yes, you may list everything for one price if you so choose.  We encourage you to be open to selling individual items if you are not having any luck with the entire set.

  • What types of photos should I use?

    We encourage you to use professional photos if possible.  Perhaps photos from your wedding.  Make sure that you have permission from the photographer as we will be posting & sharing all over social media. We need permission from the respective owners of the photos (if that is not you).

  • Why are only three (3) photos displayed in my listing?

    Listings display a maximum of three (3) photos so please make sure that these are your very best.

  • When will my listing appear on the website?

    Listings appear immediately after payment has been made via PAYPAL.

  • How do I edit my listing?

    Sign in, click on your listing, click EDIT, then save. You may update your item as often as you like—including pictures and asking price..

  • When does a listing expire?

    Your listing will expire in six months from registration. If your item has sold before that time, please mark it as SOLD.

  • How do I remove my listing?

    Sign in, click on your listing, click EDIT, then REMOVE or SOLD.

  • How will buyers contact me?

    Buyers will contact you via email. Please make sure your email address is up to date.

  • My item has not sold am I able to relist it so that it appears at the top of the recent listings?

    Yes we do not have any problems at all with you re listing your item. It may be worth looking at the price and adding ‘reduced’ into your title or looking at what categories it appears in as you can list it in up to three categories.

  • Can I have a refund on my fee if I don’t sell my items?

    We receive hundreds of visits to our site every day, but we cannot guarantee you will sell your items. So, unfortunately we are not able to refund your fee if you don’t sell your items.

  • I have a business, do I have to register as a Vendor? 

    Yes, unless you are selling your own personal wedding leftovers.  We expect that you will register as a Vendor; you can showcase your business by uploading up to twenty-five (25) items, posting details about your business, post photos of your logo, photographs, and contact info.  Registering as a private Seller does not offer you as much therefore it is in your best interest to register properly.

  • I have a wedding rental business, can I advertise my stock & services on this site?

    Yes of course, we offer two packages for Vendors.

  • What payment methods are accepted? 

    We accept payment via PayPal.  If you do not have a PAYPAL account, you can easily register at

  • Who pays for the shipping?

    Normally shipping fees are the responsibility of the Buyer and are paid in addition to the final sales price.  You are welcome to ask the Seller for a shipping quote as they will be the ones mailing it to you.  We encourage all parties to use registered post so that your item may be tracked and insured.

  • Who pays for duty and taxes if purchasing from another country?

    Imports may be subject to other taxes and charges such as sales tax and a Customs Service Fee. These fees are not applicable to domestic purchases. It’s important to understand these rates, as it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay them before collecting your dress; many times they are COD.

  • What is the best way to contact you?

    The best way to contact us is via our contact form.