Safe selling


Our goal at Rekindled Wedding Company is to provide a safe and pleasant trading experience to everyone.  We offer a unique online marketplace and strive to protect all parties from unfair and unsafe activities.


  • Understanding PayPal and how it works.  PayPal is fast and secure and is the only payment source offered on this site.  It is strongly recommended that when negotiating and paying for an item outside of this site, Buyers also use PayPal. PayPal is convenient and easy to navigate. Not familiar with PayPal?  Read more and/or sign-up here
  • Items are to be posted as SOLD immediately.
  • The condition of the actual item and accurate details including any defects or flaws (to avoid problems later on) is to be specified.
  • A minimum of one clear photo is to be included in the listing (you have up to three photos available).
  • Photos are to be large and any flaws are to be included so that Buyers can see exactly what they are getting into.
  • A fair asking price is to be posted; increasing the price is NOT permitted.
  • Prompt responses are always appreciated.
  • Everyone is to be treated fairly.
  • Items are to be sent out for delivery within five days of payment being received and if possible, the Seller should provide insurance and a tracking number.
  • Sellers are responsible for safely packing and/or delivering the item.
  • Buyers are responsible for paying the postage fee and any applicable duty and taxes.
  • Buyers and Sellers contact each other outside of Rekindled Wedding Company therefore we are unable to monitor communications and can’t help if problems arise.  It is expected that all persons communicate effectively and honestly to avoid any conflicts or miscommunication.