Terms & Conditions

  • Rekindled Wedding Company (RWC) is an online marketplace that connects Buyers, Sellers and Vendors that offer new, pre-loved, and rental wedding items. We are notan authorized dealer or agent of any kind.
  • All transactions are strictly confidential between the Buyer and Seller, as are the terms of the sale. We assume no liability for any transaction. RWC is an online listing service that facilitates the Purchase and Sale between Buyer & Seller only. No commissions or other fees are collected by RWC. Any disputes in connection with the sale remain solely between the Buyer and Seller.
  • Designer and other items offered on our website are all registered trademarks of their original owners who reserve their rights and ownership. The use or mention of any trade names, product names, or trademarks on this website does not suggest that the trademark owner or designer has any affiliations with or any endorsements of this website.
  • By using our site, you agree NOT to:
    • List more than one item per listing.
    • Change the listing to offer another item for sale or rent.
    • Include a personal website links, phone numbers or email address within the listing.
    • Include any inappropriate or offensive opinions, comments, or other content that does not relate to the sale of the item.
    • Use copyright photos without permission.
    • Include any watermarks.
    • Increase the asking price of an item.
    • Promote a business or service; this is strictly prohibited within the Private Seller category.  Vendors are to utilize the vendor options only. If not, postings will be removed.
    • Use offensive language and inappropriate images including nudity, profanity or other general content; these will be removed immediately and the user will be blocked from using the site in the future.
    • Ask Buyers for deposits or multiple instalments.
    • Overcharge a Buyer for postage fees.
    • Use the Site or Materials for any unlawful purpose.
    • Express or imply that any statements you make are endorsed by RWC.
    • Engage in spamming or flooding.
    • Transmit any software or other materials that contain any viruses, worms, defects, or other items of a destructive nature.
    • Harvest or collect information about Site visitors or members without their express consent.
  • If you contract for a listing on this site, you are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and for any liability stemming from copy, images or other descriptions provided in the listing.
  • You agree to give RWC permission to use/share all content that you upload without charge, liability or additional compensation; you are giving RWC the authority to share these images on our website and all social media channels.
  • Listings for all items will remain active on the site until it is posted as SOLD by the Seller.
  • RWC reserves the right to cancel a listing that we believe does not fit within our expectations.  A refund will be given to the Seller in this situation.
  • RWC reserves the right to suspend or cancel any listing or user’s account that we believe is fraudulent or violates any of our terms. No refunds will be given in these situations.
  • We will not sell or rent or give out your personal information to third parties for their marketing or other purposes without your explicit consent.
  •  You agree to indemnify RWC against any and all claims, damages, losses, all costs and other expenses that arise directly or indirectly out of or from your breaches or your violations with copyrights, trademarks, third-party issues, and other.